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This program's purpose is to help you reach your nutrition goals. Eating the same meals over and over isn't sustainable. It is not a fad diet that starves you of food. In this program, you get to eat carbs, fat, protein, veggies, and fruit. TMK trains your eyes and your mind for portion control and healthier food choices.



Choosing to change your lifestyle is a great start, but how much should you be eating?  Healthy food has calories just like any other kind of food. Overeating leads to weight gain. So, how much can you eat? What should you eat? When do you eat? This Program has all the answers to those questions and more. 




Food items to choose from, there's something for everyone. My meal plans are designed to help you succeed. 


Different combinations to create a dish of your choosing. No one wants to eat the same meal over and over again.  Variety sets my meal plan apart. 


Analysis of how much water you should drink daily. Your body isn't a one size fits all neither are your hydration needs. 


Time table of how often you should eat. Meal frequency varies from person to person. This meal plan suggests the frequency that's best for you. 


Breakdown of your meals including protein, carbs, fat, calories, and ratio percentages. My program is fine tuned to optimize your nutrition. 

Are you tired of eating Chicken and Rice?

Then Stop!

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A reassessment will need to be done ever 5 to 6 weeks, for you to keep seeing progress.

reassessment: $60.00 


Information I use to create your customized program.

  • Height

  • Weight 

  • Age

  • Wake/Bed Time 

  • Occupation 

  • Physical Activity Level

  • Health Concerns

  • Goal

  • Body Fat*




*Don't know how to check your body fat? Use the Hand Held Fat Analyzer.

Amazon has one for ~$30.00


Call or Text 

 (337) 831-7815