How to place an order


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Place your order before 6 pm Wednesday to receive next week's meals. 

  Meal Pickups and Deliveries are available on Mondays.

TMK is now a distributor for O Athletik,

and Illuminate Fitness. So stop by one of these locations and grab a meal or two.


     Need to know how much, how often and what to eat?       

   Cost: $150.00 Acceptable types of payment are Apple pay, Venmo, Paypal, or Zelle. 

Email: with the following information.

  • Height

  • Weight 

  • Age

  • Wake/Bed Time 

  • Occupation 

  • Physical Activity Level

  • Health Concerns

  • Goal

  • Body Fat* 


     With this information, TMK can personalize a meal plan program with measurements that are designed for your needs.



Contact information for The Machine's Kitchen

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