Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my meals?

All meals are delivered on Monday. Starting at 7 am until 11 am. You may pick up your meals on Sunday evenings or on Mondays.

Do you have a location where your meals are sold?

Yes! TMK is a distributor for O Athletik and Illuminate Fitness . You can stop by one of these locations and grab one of our delious meals that you see online. prices may vary.

When do you stop taking orders?

I stop taking orders on Thursday at 6 pm.

How fresh are the meals?

I start cooking on Saturdays. As long as the meals are properly stored, at the proper temperature, the meals can last for seven days.

Why isn't my order processing?

You need to use Monday as your delivery or pick up date, for the order to be processed.

Will you deliver my meals to my job or my house?

Yes! As long as it's in a 5 mile radius from 77055

When can I place my order?

Monday Thur Thursday.


Call or Text 

 (337) 831-7815